Saturday, 12 May 2012

Let's have a catch up!

Time To catch up and get sorted! apologises for not posting much this week I will be back on track soon :)
I've combined Thursdays film day and F Fridays together for this week

Here we go! So this weeks Flickr Group is: "Cross Processing - Film Only"

I really love this group as Cross Processing i feel is amazing but when you do it film it takes a whole new level!
The colours of a cross processed image will very but for the most part they are very green cast or a very blue cast .
Traditional Cross Processing is done by processing film in the wrong colour chemicals. Results can very from  film to film. Most companies will cross process you film for free or for an extra pound or so. One british company that still does this is DSCL colour labs :

Photos From the pool

So here is are two of the photos i liked from the pool 
First: Is this shot from:

I really love the colours in this image with the warm and cool tones

Second: This shot is from:

I love the difference in contrast compared to the previous one, this image has really cool tones in the background. Also if I was to compare the two I love the difference of nature and man made.

I feel these two images are really good but there are just as good ones in the pool!

All images are copyrighted to their owners

No copyright intended

Facebook time!
This weeks Facebook like page is: "I Still Shoot Film" 
I love this like page SOOOOO many film photographs with all different films and techniques. so check it out if you love film even maybe a like ?

As always Thanks for reading! 
If you love film and love this kind of effect, it is really worth looking into. Also if you can't shoot film but still want to get a similar effect there are tutorials out there to create the effect I may do my own video tutorial on it. Also check out my Facebook page if you have a spare minute: 

Thanks again for reading! 


P.S. Sorry it was a late post I am currently getting a better ideas for content so over the next few weeks may not be the same! BUT! F Fridays will be staying! 

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