Friday, 4 May 2012

It's F Friday!!!!!!

Ok sorry about it being a bit late! but here is F Fridays post!

Flickr: This Flickr group is all about London! anything and everything to do with london! i have uploaded images to this group and so have many others! i love some of the work that is on there so it is something worth checking out! Also the limit is great at a 50 a day!! but you don't have to add 50 a day! that would be insane. So if you love shooting in London or have some London shots on your Flickr join the group and add to the pool :)
this was one of the shots i uploaded to the London group check out the rest of my stream here:

Facebook: This is a Photographer that is based in Tokyo and i  love his portraits and his studio work! certainly a page to like and view his work! AND! he still shots film!! HOW COOL! :D

So that's this Fridays post :) hope you like the group and this weeks facebook photographer! Have a great weekend! and will post on Monday!


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