Wednesday, 9 May 2012

A Change Of Plan

OK so its Wednesday...

Wednesdays are supposed to be Idea and Concepts HOWEVER for the lack of ideas that I can come up with at the moment!! Wednesdays are going to be YouTube Wednesdays! Where i will be posting great photography related YouTubers! with either great ideas and techniques for you to try or some editing tutorials! 

Also I would like to apologize for no photographic technique yesterday but there will be one next week!

Ok so this weeks YouTuber is!!

He is a Photoshop/Adobe Expert!!
He has some great detailed but quick tutorials! 

I particular like this tutorial because it doesn't last for too long and if very informative. If this isn't your thing for Photoshop then browse through his videos and you may find something that may interest you. Well that's it for this Wednesday! 

Thanks for Reading


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