Thursday, 3 May 2012


Film what's that ?

Film is slowly becoming less and less available because of the digital age, but many people do still shot the odd roll or two of film and many of them still shot film only!

However saying all this film can still be purchased online or in some shops such as Boots in the UK or Jessops in the UK, and these price anything between £2-£10 a roll.
Colour and black and white film are still available and so is infrared film (if your not sure what infrared film is either Google it or I  will post it in a week or so on a Tuesday.

I personally love shooting film, weather it's colour or black and white, but its so expensive to get them developed and printed *SIGH*

but after browsing around I found that you are in your right to just ask for processing and this should cost about half of what it would be with prints (£2 at Asda in the UK), and you can either buy a film scanner or as them to put it on disc for around a pound!! How cool is that! this saves money and time!
So what's going to be posted on Thursdays ??
Well links to great places to get film supplies, links to photographers that still use film, and film of the week. Also links for those who upload film shots to Flickr and want to find groups to upload too

Well that's it for today, I will be including images and all sorts to my posts but for now just text!


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