Monday, 7 May 2012

Flickr Mondays

Welcome to Flickr Mondays!

Ok guys and gals its Flickr Monday and this weeks Flickr group is "The Portrait Group"

I really like this group as its good to get ideas from and inspiration for your own portraits!
Photos from the pool

All credit for this image goes too:

I also check this Flickr photostream and i love the work!! very detailed images and great images all round!!

for the next image from the pool i picked
All credit for this image goes to:

I also had a look at this stream and i loved the range that was in the stream, and some of the editing i feel was really well done!

Well that's it for this Monday! Hope you enjoyed this Mondays post! make sure you join the group! even if you don't shoot portraits you could still be inspired!

Well thanks for reading :)


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